Justification Report

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Justification Report
Kendra Holmes
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
Professor Rachel De Luise, PhD
January 20, 2015

Dr. Rachel De Luise
Professor of English
Strayer University
2222 Academic Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22192

February 20, 2015

Kendra Holmes
3818 Marquis Place
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Dear Dr. De Luise:

I am pleased to present the report you authorized on February 16, 2015, regarding the feasibility of potential skating options for the upcoming birthday party.

An analysis of both Skate and Fun Zone and Cavalier found that, although both alternatives offered great options, Cavalier better met our chosen criteria in cost, food options, and operating time. It ...view middle of the document...

The results of the data show that both examined rinks are quality alternatives with a range of costs, options, and acceptable customer reviews.

However the report finds that, while both analyzed alternatives provide similar products and services, Cavalier most closely meets the criteria presented in terms of overall cost effectiveness, operating times, and food options. It is therefore recommended that Alternative B, Cavalier, be chosen as the vendor for Kendra’s daughter’s birthday party.

Roller Skating Birthday Party

Kendra is preparing for her daughter’s birthday party. Kendra feels that her daughter is deserving of a birthday party. She has decided that a roller skating birthday party would be the best option away from home.
The Justification Report presents the need to determine a suitable rink to serve as a vendor for the upcoming birthday party. It presents the scope of the problem, presents two potential vendor choices, and evaluates them utilizing five criteria to best decide which vendor meets the unique needs of Kendra and her daughter. The report focuses on two local rink alternatives that have been recommended by parents from school. Internet research was conducted as well as personal interviews, and a final recommendation is provided.
Problem Statement
Kendra has a problem: A birthday party is in order for her oldest daughter. Unfortunately, they cannot decide which roller skating rink to choose from. All of the businesses attempt to entice her with the promise of coupons, great food, longer operating times, and more. How is she to choose? Her daughter’s twelve friends, plus her and her sister, all have a desire to skate and some have their own skates, but to make matters interesting, she has a budget of $300.
Report Overview
This report was created to help Kendra choose the best rink for her daughter’s birthday party. Kendra investigated two alternatives to determine the best options for the party. The two vendors researched were Alternative A (Skate and Fun Zone) and Alternative B (Cavalier). Kendra’s criteria in which to judge the alternatives were as follows: cost, promotions, already have skates, food with options (since several children are vegans), and operating time. Research methods included calls, Internet research (for customer reviews), and in-person visits to both places of business. An evaluation of the two alternatives revealed that Alternative B, Cavalier, should be recommended, since it offered four advantages that Skate and Fun Zone could not: more children could attend, invitations were provided, a personalized birthday cake, and free passes to come back.
Overview of Alternatives
The following two alternatives considered in this report meet Kendra’s criteria:
Alternative A – Skate and Fun Zone: Located on Sudley Rd., Skate and Fun Zone is a fairly new establishment gaining a reputation for awesome fun and reasonable prices. Skate and Fun Zone features glow in the dark skating and...

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