Justice System Position Paper

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In this paper I am going to assess one of the controversial issues regarding the juvenile justice system. I am also going to explain why the juvenile justice system should adopt the focus that I choose. I will try to explain how the specific focus that I have chosen affects everything from law enforcement to probation to intervention programs.
Just about every young adult from any community knows that when they break the rules or do a crime, there are punishments that will follow. In the way that I am thinking, I think that the juvenile justice system should focus on punishment and work on rehabilitation when the punishment is done. Looking at the punishment side, it would take a big ...view middle of the document...

The one basic goal of punishment is to have all people pay for the illegal things they have done, and also to show other people what will happen when they break the law. The one thing people have to understand is that when someone steals from someone else, either property, physical, or even taking of ones life, there has to be a punishment that has to be equal to that crime. The main goal of corrections is to try and rehabilitate people, in the hope of making them stable enough so they can be put back in the general population, and hopefully become a productive member of society once again. This is true with most young people of do crimes, because they are young and they have all their lives ahead of them. I think once these young people start breaking the law and they are not punished they can not be productive in society or in their own lives. The way our juvenile justice system is now it has for the most part adopted the focus that I have. The main focus is on the punishment of the juvenile, while the laws of the land are being passed every day in an attempt charge younger offenders as adults.
In the home, discipline and punishment begins with the parents when we are young. If for some reason the parent does not apply proper discipline and punishment, then the young person loses all sense of what is right and what is wrong. In not being taught the right way to do things they can’t apply these teachings and the things they have learned to their every day life. When these young people are away from home, they will act out what they have learned at home, whether it good or bad. It is the job of the parent to nurture, educate and train their children, but one of their main jobs is to teach these young people about what can happen when they do crimes, they don’t just deal out punishment, but correct their children and continued misbehavior should lead to consequences and punishment { Befriend, 2006}. When these young people are away from home, and in school and they act out their teachers will most likely use their position and the skills they have be taught to point out to the young person what they are doing wrong.
Punishment for crimes is a major focus of law enforcement, and with most law enforcement officers it is a large part of their investigation strategy, to bring fugitives to justice. Most people get punishment and discipline confused. Punishment has always been looked at as the lady with the blindfold, scales in one hand and a sword at her side. The blind fold she wears stands for who ever you are in society, what religion, how much money you have everyone will be treated the same. The scales she holds indicate that the punishment should always fit the crime that has been committed. We can also look at the bible for some help. It says “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” and many people find this to harsh or unfair, but it does come from the bible. The scales of our justice system have to be balanced or else...

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