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Just Trying Essay

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QUALITY is . . .

ASQ (American Society Quality): The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Manufacturing-based: degree to which a product conforms to design specifications

Product-based: level of measurable product characteristics

User-based: whatever the end user/ customer says it is

Factors which determine quality:
for manufactured products:
* design
* conformance to design
* performance
* features
* reliability
* durability
* serviceability
* safety
* aesthetics
* consumer education/support
* service after ...view middle of the document...

Customer focus- we want to satisfy customer wants
2. Continuous improvement
3. Total involvement- everybody in the company is involved, including janitors

Combines behavioral/psychological and statistical disciplines in a continual improvement philosophy, where everyone in the organization is involved

Encompasses entire organization, from supplier to customer

Stresses a commitment by management to have a continuing company-wide drive toward excellence in all aspects of products and services that are important to the customer.

Six Sigma

Describes a process, product, or service with a high capability (99.99966% accuracy).
e.g., if 1 million bags are checked through an airport baggage system each week, a Six Sigma program for baggage handling will result in only 3.4 misplaced bags.

Implemented by a five-step DMAIC (“duh-mai-ick”) process improvement model :
1. Defines the project’s purpose, scope, and outputs and identifies the required process information, keeping in mind the customer’s definition of quality
2. Measures the process and collects data

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