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Judicial Process Essay

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The State Judicial Process
The State Judicial Selection Process
Have you ever wondered how the judges within your state are chosen? The way a judge
is chosen for the state varies from state to state, and there are a few ways they are put on the
bench. One way for a judge to be put on the bench is to be appointed by the Governor or state
legislature (FindLaw, 2012). A second way to choose a judge is through a merit selection. A
merit selection is where a judge is chosen by a legislative committee based on each of the
potential judge's performance in the past (FindLaw, 2012). A third way to get a judge on the
bench is by a partisan election; in which a judge is selected through ...view middle of the document...

Nice job of setting it up, sharing the three ways that judges can be elected.
The State Judicial Process Stidham, & Manning, 2014). In the state of Florida the mandatory retirement age for any judge is
at the age of seventy (American Judicature Society, 2014).
In Florida, the qualifications to be part of the state courts of last resort, you must first be a
Florida resident and admit to practicing law in the state for a minimum of ten years. Also, they
must be a registered voter as well (Florida Supreme Court, 2014). To qualify for the trial courts
of general jurisdiction in the state of Florida one must be a Florida resident, admit to practicing
law in the state for at least five year, and be a registered voter (Florida Supreme Court, 2014). To
be a county judge, where you are only hearing misdemeanor crimes, civil cases, and small claims
of less than five hundred dollars they must be circuit resident, registered voter, and they have to
admit to practicing law for at least five years within the state. However, in the counties with less
than 40,000 residents, the five year minimum is then waived. The mandatory retirement age is
still seventy (American Judicature Society, 2014). Judges are chosen through a non-partisan
election, where they do not run with a political party affiliation (Florida Supreme Court, 2014).
I did find that not all states operate in the same manner when it comes to selecting their
state judges (Carp, Stidham, & Manning, 2014). Take Texas for instance, all of the judges within
the state are elected by the people within the state and their general jurisdictions and they use
partisan elections (Horwitz, 2014). In 2009, the former chief justice of the Supreme Court of
Texas, Wallace Jefferson wrote to the Houston Chronicle about his feelings towards partisan
elections, saying they were unreliable and untrustworthy (Horwitz, 2014). According to Horwitz
(2014), partisan elections probably cause the least amount of chaos during election time. This is
for the simple fact that it helps voters decipher between the candidates and also limits the amount
of judges running for election (Horwitz, 2014). The public however, feels conflicted on these
Beautiful work on your paragraph describing the age and requirements in order to continue being in office.
Very good work here.Thank you very much for being so thorough. Wonderful job.
Beautiful data here. Superb job!
The State Judicial Process types of elections because they feel as if campaign dollars are more influential than the actual
issues themselves (The Texas Politics Project, 2014).
In Texas, you must also adhere to certain qualifications before running for a term in
office. Qualifications to be a district of a county judge in the state of Texas, must be a United
States citizen, be a Texas resident for at least two years, and be a district resident for at least two
years (Texas Secretary of the State,...

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