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Journal Entries Essay

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A. Journal Entries
When the first time I entered L’Cokelat Day Spa, the employees greeted me politely with a big smile. Even though the place is not so big, but I felt a good environment there. The place is simply decorated, but the simplicity makes me comfortable in there plus the hospitality of the employees which makes me happy coming to L’Cokelat Day Spa. It was 12.30 pm, so there was no other customer there associated with the lunch time and the weekdays. Besides, I smelled a good flavor of chocolate which makes my body and mind relaxed since I entered. No need to wait for a long time, the receptionist directly showed me the menu of the variety of services. But, I disappointed with the ...view middle of the document...

After chose the product, the staff showed me the spa room and gave me the kimono. She left me, gave me some time to change my clothes. I looked around, observed the spa room. It is a small room with 2 beds in it separated with a curtain in each bed, 1 bath tub, a shower, and a steamer. It is a simple spa room designed traditionally completed with the soft and calm music. Then, she started the process and during the process she offered me free drinks and I could ask more whenever I want. I calmed and relaxed during the process, I enjoyed it very much. She gave me unlimited time in the steamer and bath tub, which give them an additional point in my opinion. After I done with my service, they served me free drinks and food. They knew my needs! After several hours of the process, the food and drinks gave my energy back. I felt satisfied. However, unfortunately when I paid the bill, I couldn’t use my credit card, they only accept cash or debit card. I felt disappointed with it.
B. Service Encounter Report
In overall, I felt satisfied with the service of L’Cokelat Day Spa offered. They served a great core and complementary product as well. Not only focusing on the core product, L’Cokelat also offered lot of supplementary products which becomes an additional point for the customer to choose L’Cokelat Day Spa to become their first destination for spa service. The supplementary products succeed playing the role in supporting the core product which is the spa service itself. Based on the supplementary services, L’Cokelat has the facilitating supplementary services which are required for service delivery of the core product and enhancing supplementary services which add extra value for customers. Based on my journal entries, the hospitality of the employees succeed in enhancing the service. I could feel the hospitable atmosphere there. The employees greet me pleasantly and I did not have to wait for a long time to be served. Also the smell of chocolate is the scent marketing which becomes more popular nowadays. The spa using the ambient scents to induce the customers to stay longer, spend more, and behave a little more kindly. Besides just creating a pleasant environment, the scent could tap into memory and emotion to strengthen brand identity. That’s why, I could keep remembering the spa brand L’Cokelat Day Spa from the scent of chocolate that I smelled when I came there. The scent also made me relaxed and calmed as I told before.
The receptionist gave me an accurate and complete information about the services which facilitating the supplementary services. Me, as the customer need the relevant information to obtain full value from the service, and my need was fulfilled. The other interesting part is when the receptionist offered me the free sample of the product. According to me product sample is a way of creating excitement, because it...

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