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Joining Essay

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Welcome to Riordan! On behalf of your colleagues, I welcome you and wish you every success here. We believe that each employee contributes directly to our growth and success, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team. This handbook outlines the policies, programs and benefits available to eligible employees. It also describes some of the expectations we have of our employees. The employee handbook will answer many questions about employment with Riordan, so you should familiarize yourself with the contents of the employee handbook as soon as possible. We hope that your experience here will be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Again, welcome! Sincerely,

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Our Employees

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We will maintain an innovative and team-oriented working environment. By assuring that our employees are well informed and properly supported, we will provide a climate focused on the long term viability of our company.

Our Future

We must be focused in achieving and maintaining reasonable profitability to assure that the financial and human capital is available for sustained growth.

Company History The company was founded by Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry, who had obtained several patents relative to processing polymers into high tensile strength plastic substrates. Sensing the commercial applications for his patents, Dr. Riordan started Riordan Plastics, Inc. in 1991. Initially, the company's focus was on research and development and the licensing of its existing patents, but in 1992 Dr. Riordan obtained venture capital that he used to purchase a fan manufacturing plant in Pontiac, MI. At that time, the company's name was changed to "Riordan Manufacturing, Inc." In 1993, the company expanded into the production of plastic beverage containers when it acquired a manufacturing plant in Albany, GA. The company's most recent expansion took place in 2000 when it opened its operations in China. At that time, the entire fan manufacturing operation was moved from Michigan to China, and the Pontiac, MI, facility was retooled for the manufacturing of custom plastic parts.

Introductory Statement This handbook is designed to acquaint you with Riordan and provide you with information about working conditions, employee benefits and some of the policies affecting your employment. You should read, understand and comply with all provisions of the handbook. The handbook describes many of your responsibilities as an employee and outlines the programs we have developed to benefit our employees. One of our objectives at Riordan is to provide a work environment that is conducive to both personal and professional growth. No employee handbook can anticipate every circumstance or question about every one of our policies. Therefore, there may be situations where the need arises for us to revise, add or cancel policies. Further, Riordan reserves the right to add new policies and to change or cancel existing policies at any time. The only exception is that our employment-at-will policy will not be changed or cancelled. The employment-at-will policy permits you or Riordan to end the employment relationship at any time for any reason. We will notify you of any changes to the handbook as they occur.

Employee Acknowledgement Form The employee handbook describes important information about Riordan, and I understand that I should consult the Human Resources Director regarding any questions not answered in the handbook. I have entered into my employment relationship with Riordan voluntarily and acknowledge that there is no specified length of employment. Accordingly, either Riordan or I may terminate the employment...

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