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COMPONENTS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES ATTITUDINAL COMPETENCY ATTRIBUTES An attitude is a hypothetical construct that represents an individual’s degree of like or dislike for something. Attitudes are generally positive or negative views of a person, place, thing, or event. Attitudes are judgments of an individual. `Attitudinal Competency` is the ability to select, maintain or adapt one’s best attitudes for the present. Behaviour in a given situation can be viewed as a function of the individual’s attitude towards the situation. Self Confidence Self-confidence is an essential trait in an entrepreneur because he is regularly called upon to perform tasks and make decisions that require ...view middle of the document...

Concern for high quality An entrepreneur perceives concern for high quality of his products and services to meet or surpass existing standards of excellence in a faster, better and cheaply. By doing this an entrepreneur remains ahead of others in the market place. Locus of Control (LOC) Locus of control is the system of belief of an individual who perceives the outcome of an event as being either within or beyond his personal control. Entrepreneurs tend to believe in their own ability to control the outcomes to their efforts by influencing the existing environment, rather than leave everything to luck. They strongly believe that they can shape their own destiny. - 40 - BEHAVIORAL COMPETENCY ATTRIBUTES Behavioral competency of an entrepreneur refers to the underlying charecteristics having casual relationship with effective or superior performances in the process of carrying on his business activities. The following attributes are tested in order to assesses and find out the nature of behavioural competency among the respondents. Initiatives Initiative of an entrepreneur refers to his behavior with a preference for taking action on different responsibilities or6 assignments. It further denotes that he is able and willing to do more than what is required or expected of him in a job. Sees and Acting on Opportunities Sees and acting on opportunities refers to the unique entrepreneurial behavior which helps him to be alert to information and ability to process it in order to identify and recognize the potential business opportunities even before his competitor. Persistence Persistence of an entrepreneur denotes the ability which keeps him constantly motivated even when he is confronted by obstacles that seem insurmountable and willing to keep trying when things go wrong, and accepts that, ultimately, it is he who has to make his dream come true. Entrepreneurs seldom give up when things are not going well. Assertiveness Assertiveness of an entrepreneur is about his behavioral aspect that affirms his rights or point of view without either aggressively threatening the rights of others (assuming a position of dominance) or submissively permitting others to ignore. Successful entrepreneurs for the most part are assertive. - 41 - Need for achievement Successful entrepreneurs are charecterised by a need for achievement which motivates them to take up responsibilities for finding solutions to problems. Further this quality helps them to set challenging goals for themselves, assume personal responsibility for the goal accomplishment and they are highly persistent in the pursuit of these goals. Need for autonomy The need for autonomy of an entrepreneur is characterized by a drive to control and influence others, a need to win arguments, a need to persuade and prevail. Research studies had asserted that strong need for autonomy/ power/ control/ influence usually will let the enterprises in to trouble because doctorial, adversarial, and domineering styles make...

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