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Johnson And Johnson Essay

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The challenges brought about by the changes in the political and economic sphere in Hong Kong are becoming more serious. Both the public and the private sectors needed to transform their HRM practices in order for them to effectively adapt to the new environment. Now I will discuss two of the major challenges that HRM professionals face. There are generally four challenges that business and human resource professionals face. These are:

1. Increase in business competition from newly industrialized countries in Asia, as well as China.

2. The depletion of managerial and professional talent because of the uncertainty before the handover.

3. Labour turnover is rising due to tight labour ...view middle of the document...

Construct training programs and provides employees a variety of Job skills, Technical, Clerical and Supervisory and Managerial courses.

also pays attention on the development of their employees. In some cases employees are given amount up to 300,000 to get MBA degree from any HEC recognized University. Both on the job and off the job training is in practice in . In , the human resource department conducts a meeting with department heads at the end of the training program. The purpose of this meting is to focus on the individual discipline and performance during the training program. Then on the basis of their performance they give them advance jobs. They fill every position vacancy with the best qualified person obtained.
Motivation Function & Maintenance Function:

Motivation for employees is as necessary as water for the plant. Motivation is a force that drives them to work more efficiently and effectively. So, employees should be motivated from time to time to get maximum out of them. And Maintenance function is necessary for correcting their mistakes and improving their skills to do the job.

At motivating employees is considered as very important part of the performance management. At customer service centre of , they award shield to the best employee as C.S of the month. This not only motivates the person who is got shield but also create incentive for other employees to work harder and improve their performance. But in other departments it is done on an annual...

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