Job Security For People With Disabilities

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With equal access to employment, Americans can obtain and maintain jobs to keep themselves sufficient and independent

Throughout the years, certain people have found it very difficult to obtain a job or career, then they find it even harder to maintain that job or receive a promotion or raise of some sort. Such people are having to deal with discrimination, stereotypes and many other unwanted or unwelcome judgement. Invisible barriers have been set by employers and even by society. People with disabilities in America have a hard time finding jobs or careers due to these barriers. Through time these barriers have eased up a bit, but they are still there. U.S Department of Justice, (2002) believes

During the Application process, it isn’t rare at all for an applicant with a disability to refuse to or evade putting their health risk down on the application due to the fear of the employer discriminating ...view middle of the document...

(Para, 3). When the employer has decided to hire the applicant only then will it be lawful to ask the employee certain questions pertaining to a disability or the nature of such a disability.

The Department of Justice has found that all over the country, many employers are still inputting such questions about disabilities in their applications, and are still asking such questions in interviews. Gupta, (2015) This is happening all over the country, but the worst cases of discrimination against persons with disabilities have occurred in these jurisdictions or entities: Parowan, Utah; Española, New Mexico; DeKalb, Illinois; Vero Beach, Florida; Fallon, Nevada; Isle of Palms, South Carolina; Hubbard, Oregon; Village of Ruidoso, New Mexico; and Florida State University. The Department of justice entered into settlement agreements with each of the nine jurisdictions to ensure that they take those unlawful questions out of their applications and to follow all requirements of the ADA with respect to applicants and employees. (Para, 4)

Today while discrimination, stereotypes and judgement still exists in society as well as in the job world, we have come a long way from how people with disabilities have been treated in the past to how they are treated now in America. Given the equal opportunities of employment, Americans with disabilities can find and maintain a job to stay self-sufficient and independent.

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