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Job Enrichment Ways Essay

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David Fender

February 14, 2010

Job Enrichment Ways

Enriching the secretary position. A secretary provides an important administrative role in support of a manager or group of employees. Enriching the job of a secretary depends upon the responsibilities and daily activities of the manager or group she supports. If their role and tasks are not diverse and are routine, then there are limitations to the enrichment that can be given to the supporting secretary. Assuming the manager or group has a diverse set of tasks and is very busy with their workloads, then transferring tasks to the secretary will be enriching. For example, if travel and expenses reports are ...view middle of the document...

g. customers or vendors or banks or auditors, would further enrich the secretary and require her to understand the issues. If a foreign language is involved, having the secretary provide written translation or spoken interpretation would add enrichment. Assigning the task of organizing internal meetings and making certain all attendees are in the meeting at the correct time is important. Additionally, if the secretary was to take notes and summarize the findings of the meeting and publish the meeting notes on a timely basis would be interesting. A secretary is traditionally a gatekeeper and first line of filtering calls from outside the organization to the manager.

Enriching the salesperson position. As a salesperson is responsible for generating sales one way to enrich the person is to implement a compensation structure that rewards the salesperson based upon his achievements. Open-ended self-financing sales incentive schemes will motivate salespersons, especially those seeking money commissions and bonuses. Offering sales training programs that further improve sales skills should be accepted with great enthusiasm. Removing administrative tasks to enable salespersons to focus their energies and time on sales generation instead of non-sales generating tasks should be welcome. Providing reward trips for the salesperson and the spouse will motivate the person to achieve the goal in order to excite the spouse. Involving salespersons in focus groups for market research and providing feedback on marketing campaigns will broaden the salespersons’ skill sets and further equip with sales skills.

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