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Jjt2 Social Responsibility Essay

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Social Responsibility

The basis of social responsibility is corporate commitment to the development and adherence to business processes that produce a positive impact on society. This impact should benefit not only their individual employees, but all shareholders within the global environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is analogous to Corporate Citizenship, which is defined as “The extent to which businesses are socially responsible for meeting legal, ethical and economic responsibilities place on them by shareholders.” Investopedia explains, “The aim is for businesses to create higher standards of living and quality of life in the communities in which they operate, while ...view middle of the document...

Clean energy initiatives throughout the organization have served to effectively reduce SunCoast Industries’ environmental “footprint”.


Currently, 20 of the 32 warehouses owned and operated by SunCoast utilize high-efficiency cooling and heating systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These high-efficiency systems reduce utility expenses for the company, increase the value of the warehouse, clean the air that is breathed by employees and contractors, and dramatically reduce the company’s impact on the environment. SunCoast is in the final stages of replacing the HVAC units in the remaining 12 warehouses.

SunCoast could further reduce their environmental impact by incorporating alternative energy solutions for powering their buildings. The use of solar technology has increased dramatically in residential, business, and government installations over the past several years. Solar Panel purchase costs have also decreased dramatically during that time period, with many now vendors offering structured payment or even lease options. Federal, state, and local governments also offer financial incentives to encourage the use of renewable energy and offset the cost of implementation. The cost-benefit of solar power as opposed to traditional “grid” power hookup is well documented and would save SunCoast Industries an estimated $125,000 in annual utility operating expenses for their warehouses.


SunCoast Industries currently has a Fleet of approximately 5,000 vehicles in the continental United States. Many of these company-owned vehicles are standard delivery-type vans. Approximately 25% are regular passenger vehicles, with another 10% of their Fleet comprised of larger commercial transportation vehicles. The majority of their Fleet vehicles are several years old, with lower MPG efficiency ratings. Currently, there are no hybrid or electric vehicles in the SunCoast Fleet.

SunCoast Industries could greatly diminish their ecological footprint by systematically “rotating out” these inefficient vehicles and incorporating more ECO-friendly vehicles into their Fleet. As stated, the largest percentage of vehicles in the SunCoast fleet are delivery-type vans, most of which are Ford E-Series Vans. Though space-efficient and affordable, these vans are typically not viewed as ECO-friendly by most interested shareholders. As an alternative to these “gas-hog” vehicles, Ford will be soon be offering the Ford Transit, a larger version of the Ford Transit Connect which is currently sold. Both of these vehicles incorporate Ford ECOBoost technology which increases efficiency and lowers emissions without compromising power or capability. This engine is also E85 flexfuel capable and uses “variable valve overlap” technology, enhancing fuel efficiency, improving cold-start operation, and lowering exhaust emissions. The cost for these vehicles is similar to the current E-Series vans that are already utilized by SunCoast.

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