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Jit2 Risk Management Task 1 Essay

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a business continuity plan
Total facility lost due to a hurricane.

XYZ Bakery Supply is a global company with a full range of innovative products and application expertise in the bakery, and patisserie sectors. Products and services are available in more than 100 countries around the world, and in many cases actually produced there by our subsidiaries. Clients are artisans, industry, retailers and food service. XZY Bakery Supply aim to be "reliable partners in innovation" wherever we are in the world, and so help our customers deliver nutritious, tasty food for the communities they live in
Business Contingency plan as be simply defined as identification and protection of critical ...view middle of the document...

* CFO will have list of all bank account information, Vendor information and Payroll information. CFO will responsible for “paying the bills” such as paying vendor and direct deposit of employees.
B2: Ethical use and protection of sensitive data
It is imperative that our company protects our sensitive data which includes our bread formulas, Employee/Payroll , vendor information, customer information and accounting information and to always use them ethically. The objective to use our sensitive data ethically and reasonably, there are three components for the mythology. First, How are we going to protect the data to make sure it is being used appropriately users. Second, what is our backup procedure? Lastly, after a major business disruption, how do you recover our sensitive data?
First, the company uses an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to centralize the information and have a permission level based access. ERP system is a business management suite that uses a common database system that share data across the various departments (Hossein.B., 2004). ERP system will allow access to the sensitive data information by departmental needs. Also, the company will have confidentiality and ethic training for all employees and will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before starting employment. The user interface (UI) can be anything from think client, think client like Telnet or secure web browser based. The company will go with secure web Brower to access data.
The proactively backup your data is to backbone of protection your company’s data. Your data is only good as your last successful backup. The company will back up their ERP system just like any other system, either to a tape drive or some kind of hard disk system such in a RAID 5 or RAID 6 system using incremental backups. Moreover, the core database will backup daily to ERP system vendor. This will give redundant backup of the core database, remote backup of core database, and if local system becomes unavailable the ERP system vendor can host the database which will give access to our database via secure web browser connection via HTTPS.
After a major business interruption and the data because unavailable for any length of time, the ERP system vendor can host the database and give limited access to the database such as employee payroll, supplier information, Customer information and company accounting information via secure web browser connection until he local system can come back online and the changed information can be appended to the local system.
B3: Ethical use and protection of customer data
The company’s customers are bakery artisans, industry, retailers and food service providers who purchase baking ingredients and supplies from the company. The customer data includes: Company, Address, phone number, Fax number, Email Address, Balance, past order invoices, Current Invoice, and Payment info, just to name a handful and protection of the customer data and...

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