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Jehovah's Witnesses And Races/Ethnic Group Essay

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and Race/Ethnic Groups

Cynthia L. Mills

College of Humanities/ETH125

Juancho A. Lim, PH.D.
January 24, 2014

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Race/Ethnic Groups

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have their own set of beliefs set forth for them by The Watchtower Organization. They are taught not to think for themselves but to submit to the Watchtower Society teachings. If they question any of the teachings they are considered weak in the faith. Disfellowshipping is another belief factor that they use to control their members. An individual can also be marked if they do something wrong. They do not believe in blood transfusions for themselves or their children. ...view middle of the document...

God, Jehovah’s Witnesses-Jehovah, Protestant Christianity-Trinitarian God. Trinity, Jehovah’s Witnesses-Rejected, Protestant Christianity-Affirmed. Second chance after death, Jehovah’s Witnesses-Yes, Protestant Christianity-No. It seems the only thing that is agreeably between the two is the resurrection of Christ, and they both believed that Christ was resurrected ("Jehovah's Witnesses vs. Mainstream Christianity", 2004).
Jehovah’s Witnesses have made an impact on the medical profession by not accepting blood transfusions, the system has spearheaded bloodless surgery techniques in hospitals. According to NBC news report, in a Pennsylvania hospital they have been offering bloodless procedures to Jehovah’s Witnesses for at least 15 years. They have seen enough advances in equipment and other changes that they have been able to offer the procedures to the public. The popular culture has also been affected. The door to door routine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses has hit the dialogue of some TV shows, “The Simpsons, and an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Court cases have won for religious freedom with the help of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In 1940, two children were expelled from school for refusing to salute the flag on religious grounds. In 1943, the courts reversed their decision and decided it was a violation of the First Amendment rights. This case continues to influence court rulings (Burroughs, 2009).
In 2008 two school teachers were not rehired once the principal found out they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. They asked for a day off to attend a Jehovah’s Witnesses convention. In December, the principal demanded the entire faculty attend a mandatory Christmas activity, saying she did not care what religion anybody was. The teachers did not attend because it was against their religion. When it came time to renew the next year they were told they were
Jehovah’s Witnesses and Race/Ethnic Groups
not being renewed due to reduction in force and a lawsuit was filed. Another case in 2010, a Jehovah’s Witness employee at a department store was hired and then later asked to don a Santa hat and apron. She told them it was against her religion, and she was fired (Bhasin, 2012).
This research has taught me the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a religion of their own. I have experienced them a couple of times, and they have not been enjoyable. This information has opened my mind to what they believe, and every religion has that right to believe what they want as long as they do not pressure or push it on other people. God gave us a mind of our own, and we make the choice ourselves as to what we want to believe and follow.
The early Jehovah’s Witnesses did not have segregation or racists policies against the Blacks (African descent). They recognized the human family as one race no matter the color, race, or ethnicity. The culture practices are the same all around the world, in the words of Jesus, Matthew 22:37-39, where he said, “you...

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