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* For a long time and to this day it's been questioned whether jealousy can ever be a good thing.Those who claim that jealousy can be beneficial argue that it evokes the determination and will to be better and to work harder to reach goals. However, examples from literature and American history prove that this notion is not necessarily valid. The play of Julius Caesar and the assassination of Martin Luther King illustrate that jealousy can never have a beneficial effect. In life and throughout society the evidence illustrating the dreadful effects of jealousy is prevasive.
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After Caesar was murdered the conspirators relished their victory, but later after facing the consequences of their actions, they realized how jealousy blinded them into destroying the very thing they were trying to protect. the actions of the conspirators demonstrate that it's implausible for jealousy to be beneficial even if it was seemingly leading to something propitious.
* In 1955 the civil rights movement was sparked and led by the American activist, humanitarian and Noble Prize winner Martin Luther King. His achievements and accomplishments are too many to be set down in one place, but these achievements were the reason he was assassinated. The jealousy and envy of his opponents did not trigger them to work as hard as did to achieve something but rather have evoked a desire to obliterate him. The assassination of MLK is one of the most clear self-validating examples that prove that it's unconceivable for jealousy to result in anything near positive.
* Clearly the above examples illustrate the degenerating effects of jealousy on society. Moreover, many calamities and catastrophic situations could be avoided if only those who succumb to their feeling of jealousy think rationally instead. Through relinquishing jealousy, our world as we know it, will be one step closer to relishing glory in a utopian society as predicted by philosopher Thomas More.

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