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Jason Essay

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In the case “Jason Tybell”, Jason, a junior accountant in a professional accountancy corporation of Rodgers & Philips, is concerned about a meeting he had with his mentor, William Jackson. The meeting concerns the fact that Jason was not asked to work on the current year’s audit of two clients that he did work on during his first year because of complaints about Jason’s inappropriate comments in meetings with client personnel. Realizing there was a big problem with Jason, Jackson decided to schedule an appointment with other key people in the firm to discuss the future of Jason. From a rights perspective, Jason’s right to truth is threatened by his ...view middle of the document...

It is unfair between Jason and the other employees of Rodgers & Philips. All employees should be evaluated by the firm in an honest and fair manner. Jason was given a good evaluation on the audit by the senior. If an employee is being given a job evaluation, it is assumed that it will assess the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. However, the performance evaluation system is not a reliable one because the employee’s ability to get along with clients was omitted from the system. Jason upset some biggest clients because of impolite behavior. It is unfair between Jason’s clients’ paid the fee for professional audit service and the disrespect the clients got from Jason. Client contact is an important part of the responsibilities of all staff members in public accounting. Jason has been disrespectful to clients and needs to work on his manners.

While making decision about the future of Jason, the firm should predict the likely and possible outcomes and consider the short run and long run future. It is unwise to fire Jason just due to complaints from his clients. If the client can get an auditor fired for being rude, then the client may feel that they can get an auditor fired for not giving into pressure in the future. It is unkind to fire Jason without giving him any chance to notice and to improve his weakness in developing client relationships. Jason should be honesty counseled on his abrasive manner. In the sense of fairness, he should be given a chance to improve over a given period of time.

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