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Michael Maung
NSCI 501
Jarvis Communication Corporation Case study

Mission Statement

"To become your daily-life communication devices' provider in the United States"

In order to meet this mission statement I would like to propose following three strategies:

Strategy One

Jarvis Communication should come up with new ideas, talents and methodologies to manufacture new products to the market. In this case, this company needs to consider "time is the essence" factor. Many competitors will emerge from different parts of the world in not very distance future, as quoted in this case "Keeping a flow of new products will be necessary to survive".
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First objective to support first goal is to identify mutual interest in term of software development such as ability to sync between Jarvis Communication products and other brand-named devices.
Second objective to support first goal is establishment of mutually- advantageous partnership among them.
To achieve the second goal in this strategy two, one should be to set implementation to gain 15% of state law enforcement communities and the second objective should be to get 15 % of emergency response communities. Those mentioned two communities use communication devices as part of their daily routine.

Strategy Three

To support Jarvis Communication's mission statement, the company needs to improve its visibility in public. I think Jarvis Communication should expand its cash fund. There are two goals to achieve this strategy number three. First goal is to become public company and list on the NYSE. Secondly, promote company's fund expansion due to exchange in stock market as Jarvis Communication becomes public company. Both of the above mentioned goal could be achieved by hiring financial expert to predict the future market of Jarvis Communication Company and having experts to analyze those data to get sustainability of the company when it goes public. Since my knowledge in stock market and NYSE is only from news media, I would consider discuss with professional in that area before I suggest something.


Generally, Jarvis Communication Company is a successful...

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