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Areas of interest in Jamaica
After spending lots of time appreciating the culture of the Jamaicans, its now time we looked at what makes Jamaica…Jamaica! True, there are several things such as the beaches, the weather and all the things that revolve around the environment but the downside of that is that you can easily tell all this once you’re out of the plane. We are thus going to look a little bit into the areas of interest that many tourists have spent most or all of their time in.
We shall start by taking a look at the Dunn’s river falls which are among one of the best features in Jamaica and in almost every online site that you will visit. It was there from long ago but by then not so many appreciated the beauty of the ...view middle of the document...

The cool waters at the beach also make it possible for swimmers or to-be swimmers to enjoy swimming while sharpening their swimming skills.
Besides the Doctor’s cave beach which is considered a popular area of interest by many, Rose hall Great house is another fantastic place that you wouldn’t want to miss while you are on vacation in Jamaica. It has a pretty interesting story behind it too that would sound spooky to a five year old. The Rose Great Hall is also referred to as the home of the white witch who was believed to be a person named Annie Palmer. She had a devious character as portrayed in the Jamaican folklore since she was totally beautiful but all her husbands always ended up dying mysteriously. She was also believed to take male slaves into her bed and ended up killing them afterwards. This simple folklore may be one of the reasons why many people regard it as a top attraction in Jamaica.
Port Royal comes fourth on our list as being one of the best places of interest in Jamaica. Port Royal was generally a shipping commerce hub and mecca of Jamaica and besides this, it is also believed that it was a favorable place for pirates. What is remained of Port Royal isn’t much because almost two thirds of the city sank because of a massive earthquake.
Truth be told, it is rather difficult to come up with a list of all the places of interest in Jamaica because they are so many but the four that we have mentioned are among the best known.

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