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Jail And Prison Essay

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Jail and Prison Response

Jails in the United States serve a purpose of short-confinement for individuals. They are mainly for individuals who are awaiting their trial and possible sentence. As time has gone on, the responsibilities of jails have increased due to demand. If a person on probation or parole violates these terms they are then sent to jail. They also are the middle person and they hold people who are mentally ill, in the military, or recently convicted until it is time to transfer them to the appropriate long-term facility. This transfer includes both state and federal authorities. They also operate community based programs, home detention with electronic monitoring, and day ...view middle of the document...

State prisons have a handle most convicts unless they violate federal law and then they convicted individuals serve time in a federal prison. State prisons are classified under maximum, medium, and low security levels. The maximum security usually houses the most violent offenders and the low end holds less violent and aggravated convicts (Schmalleger, 2011, "Chapter 13, Security Levels"). In addition to this classification system, a prison may be moved from one facility, such as a maximum facility to a medium facility, if they demonstrate responsibility and are a model inmate. Privileges and opportunities increase as the level of security decreases.
The federal system consists of five security levels which is the administrative maximum (ADMAX), high security, medium security, low security, and minimum security. The federal prison has typical safety restrictions and privileges as the state prisons do, but they are controlled and monitored by the federal government. All inmates in a federal prison are under legal jurisdiction of the federal government (Schmalleger, 2011, "Chapter 13, The Federal Prison System").
Private prisons are operated by a variety of organizations that states contract with to provide a full range of correctional abilities. The initial goal of private prisons was to diminish over-crowding in state facilities. They also aim to reduce operational costs and avoid lawsuits that are usually filed against the state by inmates for various reasons. However, it has been shown that these costs have not gone down as significantly as once thought. State laws still carry over to private prisons which make state individuals still...

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