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Itt It255 Research Project Part 1

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Brian Gobrecht
Project Part 1
The domains of an infrastructure are broken down into several parts. The User, Workstation, LAN, LAN-to-Wan, Remote Access, Wan, and System/Application domains. All of these are a very crucial part of a domain structure and if one fails to do its proper job most of it or all of it will come to a screeching halt.
The User Domain is pretty self-explanatory yes a system can do without a user but by itself it’s more probable to breakdowns and other things to go wrong. So to help the user out in a way it’s not damaging to the infrastructure. One way is to have the computer scan for viruses in ...view middle of the document...

And to add further measure of security the room would be camera surveyed and users will be logged.
A LAN domain can be a very volatile domain with all the wiring and NIC cards and LAN switches common in most rooms. If we are to hopefully secure this part of the domain I would like to be able to restrict access to the computers and laptops that are only necessary to the work environment. So if someone decides to plug in something that they aren’t supposed to the system will automatically reject the hardware unless a IT professional says its ok and allows it into the lan.
LAN to Wan is a major part in an infrastructure. To ensure the safety of this domain I propose to implement some sort of intrusion detection to protect the computers in the domain in case of an attack from an outside source. And I would add a file scanner to make sure nothing is supposed to come through.
A WAN domain I would implement the same thing as the LAN to Wan.
Remote Access domain is a very easy way of getting into a domain but a very easy way to get attacked too. I would implement secure VPN’s to make sure only ones that are supposed to get in get in.
System/application domain is the most important domain because it stores all the files and programs from what you have done in the past and everything you plan on doing in the future. I would implement intrusion detection and scanners to make sure nothing goes wrong with the system and regular updates.

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