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What has Windows Server 2008 brought us?
ITT 221
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What has Windows Server 2008 brought us?
With the growth of businesses, we see the need for technology in the workspace increase as well. Businesses now acquire the use of networks based on servers, more so than in the past. Many aspects of a business are now electronic as we are attempting to become a “paperless” society. Microsoft understands the needs of these corporations and growing companies, technology wise. In 2008 they launched a product that would assist in the securing and proper sharing of the needed information. One February 28, 2008, Microsoft released Windows Server 2008. This hit the market ...view middle of the document...

It supports a maximum of 32 GB in 64 bit version and only four gigabytes in 86 bit version. There is also a limit on the amount of network and gateway connections in this edition, so it can be for a more modest business, with fewer clients to be serviced in the network.
With the Enterprise edition we see a change in the features and services provided. This edition of Server 2008 comes with all the features and the memory supported is much higher. When running at 64 bit version the memory supported is 2 terabytes and at 86 bit version it supports 64 gigabytes of RAM. It does not have a limit on network connections allowed or on the gateway services allowed either. Another feature that is available with this edition is Hyper-V. Dufour says some of the major enhancements important in Hyper-V are the removal of limitations on processor support and elimination of the 4GB restriction imposed on RAM (as cited in Fontana, 2008, pg 48). This can be to advantage for those businesses which are willing to invest in better hardware on which to run Hyper-V.
The next edition we have is Datacenter, which is the full inclusive Server 2008. There are no restrictions on network or gateway services and connections. This would be the edition for a large business or corporation needing to support more than 30 processors. When running at 86 bit version it can support up to 32 processors, at 64 bit version the number of supported processors goes up to 64. This is the only edition that cannot be purchased on its’ own. Because of its magnitude of services it is only available from the original equipment manufacturers.
There are also two more versions but these are designed for high-performance and a larger amount of processors. These require their own special platform and are on the higher end, cost wise. According to Wireless News (2008), Itanium is showing series of positive indicators that point to strong and growing support for Itanium-based systems industry wide. This is good news because we know that the new technology is being put into use by bigger companies who require high-performance computing (HPC).
We keep hearing that different editions can support more or less processors depending on the bit version that it is being run with. In the Servers 2008 editions, we have 64 bit and 86 bit versions that are supported. Robinson states that the advantages of running 64-bit machines are that they can address more than 4 GB of memory. Another is that they can operate on 64 bits of data at once (Robinson, 2001). It is clear that if we are stringing along 64 bits compared to 32 bits at once, the process would go faster; you are sending double the information after all. We know that the 64 bit architecture has been around for more time than it has been used for. In regards to the editions of Server 2008, the full 64 bit experience can be fully obtained by obtaining software that is designed to use all the features of the hardware. Otherwise...

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