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Its A Girl Essay

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It's A Girl

This documentary caught my attention from the very beginning, when I heard of a woman in India killing eight of her baby girls just because she did not want a daughter, but a son. She would keep getting pregnant in hopes of having a boy. I was in disbelief to see the facial reaction she had as she told her story, without guilt or regret, just no emotion at all. She believes women have the power to give life and the power to take it away. I disagree with that statement because each and every person has a right to live life and existence no matter what gender they are. Sadly, many baby girls are either aborted before birth, killed right after birth, or abandoned. If they live ...view middle of the document...

They feel he will carry the family name and tradition, which most Americans believe as well. They also feel that as the first born he could make sure his sisters are protected and safe, which for the most part I agree with. In my opinion, some women rather just give in and get their female babies aborted then face the burdens, but still face burdens if they do not produce boys.
Many women get together and speak of the issues on dowry and gendercide, but very few take action to make changes. Even though many women are afraid to take a stand I was so amazed to see that one woman, Mitu Khurana, finally did. She was forced to get a sex determination done and when they found out she was having twin girls she was subjected to physical abuse and neglect. Her husband wanted her to have an abortion, but she refused. She ran away and gave birth to her twin girls and faced many struggles when she decided to finally take a stand. She filed a complaint to the PNDT department which bans sex determination test, but they did not take any action on it. It is sad that most of these cases involving women or dowry deaths were never investigated or prosecuted. Even though,...

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