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Natalie Bronson
Prof. Brian Kraus
Project Management – CIS 517
July 14, 2013

In the Denver suburb of approximately 309,000, Aurora faced a severe drought that lasted for several years. By 2003 the water supply in the city was at an all-time low. The decline in the water supply and a constant drought forced the water authority to enforce water restrictions and other incentives to encourage residence to conserve water. There was only enough water for the community for 9 months when there was a need for a 3 - 5 year supply.
The Aurora city government and the Aurora water authority desperately needed a solution to the issue of dwindling water supply, after analyzing several possible ...view middle of the document...

diameter steel pipe; three raw water pump stations having an ultimate capacity of 50 mgd; the 50 mgd Peter D. Binney facility, which can be expanded in the future; and one pump station for potable water. (p. 59)

The city of Aurora determined that the Prairie Waters Project would provide the community with a water source that is dependable, and abundant. They decided that the project should be up and running with a size of 10,000 acre-ft. per year by December 2010. The eventual size would be 50,000 acre-ft. per year. The deadline for completing the project was 5 ½ years for completion of the entire project.
CH2MHill exhibited many positive ethical practices throughout the project. Before the assignment started, the team was asked to immediately reduce the budget by $100 million dollars. The company met the challenge by cutting 100 million dollars from the budget. They accomplished this primarily in design consideration on the pipeline. Contractors also found more efficient sources of construction. Savings in the project benefited both the city of Aurora and the project teams; they split any savings equally. Ultimately there were savings of 200 million dollars on the project. These reserves were contributed to a strong ethical climate and a collaborative spirit among all stakeholders involved.
The project teams, the construction managers, and the designers on the Prairie Water Project worked with the attitude of the utmost ethical standard. There motto was “what’s right rather than who’s right”. The teams on the project cooperate with each other to make the project a major success. Their willingness to consider the needs of the total project, contributed to the success of the assignment. In addition to coming 201 million dollars under budget, by the end, the project was delivered 2 months ahead of schedule.
The exceptional ethical practices exhibited by the Prairie Water Project made the project a great achievement. The willingness of the project teams to work hand in hand with the city of Aurora, help the early completion date and the 200 million dollar savings realized. The city of Aurora chose very well, they selected a project management team with integrity and a willingness to put the needs of the project above any personal agendas. The leaders of CH2MHill Company worked jointly with the city the make decision and take actions that were the best interest of the community that were financially sound for the project. Not only did the teams work to make the project a financial success, they also excelled ethically in considering the environment in the design of the Aurora reservoir. The Binney plant has acres of park space with is the home to beautiful plants and trees. During building of the area, the construction crew ensured that the inhabited wildlife was protected by adding fences, signs...

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