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It Inventory Guide Essay

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Appendix E

IT Inventory Template
I keep my IT Inventory in an Excel workbook with individual worksheets for the following major categories, with the subheadings
under each on the sheet itself:
• Staff computers
- Computer name
- Primary user login
- Location (department)
- IP address
- MAC address
- Make
- Model
- Serial number/product number/service tag
- Size of hard drive
- Amount of RAM
- Processor speed
- Optical drive
- Date of purchase
- Warranty begin/end
- Network drop number
- Peripherals attached
- Notes


156 Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries

• Public computers
- Computer name
- Primary user login
- Location (department)
- IP address
- MAC ...view middle of the document...

Use a tool that will help you store and manage your passwords.
I use a free product called 4UOnly from Dillobits software, available online at This tool allows
you to store usernames and passwords for any purpose, and it
includes features for writing notes, auto-generating passwords,
and setting passwords to expire on a certain date. It requires one
password to open the master password file, so you must remember
that one, but the rest are safely stored for you.

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