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It/280 Final Project Essay

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Computer Maintenance and
Training Manual

Table of Contents
Computer Safety3
Environmental Concerns3
Power Protection4
Dust, Static, and Heat issues 5
Downloading Unauthorized Software7

Maintenance and cleaning9

Internal hardware installation9
Power Supply6
Hard Drives6

Basic principles for supporting I/O devices9
I/O Device 19
I/O Device 26
I/O Device 36

Multimedia and Mass Storage Devices9
Installing a Video Card9
Installing a DVD Drive6

Computer Safety

Environmental Concerns:
Electronic equipment and gadgets are on the rise and are also one of the fastest growing waste around ...view middle of the document...

In some states computers that were recycled get refurbished and donated to schools. The computer refurbishing program is also used as a great training tool for young adults and others to gain real world computer skills. The following are ways besides recycling obsolete electronics that can minimize the need to dispose of electronic equipment:

* Purchasing durable parts – Purchasing durable parts may have a higher upfront cost but over time it will save you time and money. Cheaper parts will break and need to be replaced more often than a durable part.
* Repairing instead of replacing equipment – Replacing a part is always more cost effective then replacing a whole computer.
* Purchasing upgradable equipment - Most computers are upgradable and you are able to replace or upgrade a single component if needed. Also installing upgrades is more cost effective then replacing a whole computer as well.
Power Protection:
When working on any type electronic equipment you run the risk of being shocked or even burned. It is very important to know how to properly protect yourself from these risks. Before working on anything electrical be sure to remove it from power. When removing the power cord do not pull on the power cord itself, this will help protect and increase the cords longevity. Turning off the equipment is not the same as removing it from power. If the computer is just powered off and you are working inside of it you run a big risk of being shocked. The following are a few warning signs to look out for that can indicate potential danger:
* If there is any damage to the power cord, such as the cord being frayed.
* Any liquid spilled on or around the equipment
* The equipment being overly exposed to moister in any way.
* Any physical damage to the equipment
* A very strong electronics odor. This usually smells like burnt wires.
* Any strange noise coming from the power supply
* Any smoke coming from the equipment or if the computer casing is unusually warm.
When working inside of any electronic equipment it is important to remove any jewelry that could come in contact with any components. This is important because “jewelry is made of metal and might conduct electricity if it touches a component.” (Andrews, 2010, p. 28). When working inside of monitor it is important that you are not grounded. Unlike low voltage components like a mother board or hard drive that can be damaged if static electricity is transferred, a computer monitor can shock you if you are grounded. A monitor has a capacitor that holds a charge even when the unit is powered off and is unplugged. A ground is the easiest path that electricity can flow through. So if you’re grounded the electricity will flow through you to the ground and you will be shocked. It is best practice to only wear an anti-static ground bracelet when working on equipment that can be damaged by static. In the next section you will learn the problems static can cause...

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