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Issues That America Faces Essay

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If I were Senator for a day I would take and thoroughly solve many conflicts but there are a few that I notice that are highly effective today. More than at any other time in history, the future of humankind is being shaped by issues that are beyond any one nation’s ability to solve. Wars are fought over politics, religion, and resources, and the current fought-over resource is oil (Fossil Fuels). Also most of our power plants are run by coal that’s still problematic because it’s polluting in the finite supply, coals are natural resources that are given to us by nature when that’s over we must learn to survive without it. Fossil Fuels may not be a relevant and meaningful topic but soon Americans will have to start learning how to conserve and save natural resources so we could use them as long as we can.
One of the main causes of Global warming is human activity and ...view middle of the document...

Ice that has been frozen for hundreds and thousands of years is beginning to melt because of global warming. When the sea levels begin to rise, floods will begin to occur and many lives will be at stake. We can prevent this by companies selling less Lysol air sprays because if we shorten the amount of sprays used than the ozone layer wouldn’t be breaking apart by this very minute and floods wouldn’t occur also, the ice would not be melting as fast.
The future of entertainment now revolves around technology. Video games are becoming more violent and even more realistic; the main consumers of video game violence are teens. These games like “Modern Warfare” or “Blackops” are types of games that encourage teens to become violent in their actions. Studies show that kids who play more video games end up with more troubles too those who don’t play as much. Now I know your thinking so what are, we going to do to resolve this? And the answer is quite simple and complicated! Only 18 and over can purchase this types of games because adults are allowed to make their own decision, now the problem is the parent may be asked by their kid to buy it and the guardian may say “yes”. The reason I even mentioned about this conflict because there was a shooting in Connecticut and I want this madness not to occur again anywhere.
Adam Lanza had went on a killing spree and killed 28 people, 18 children died at their small K-4 school, two children died at a local hospital, six adults died at the scene. Adam was a video game player and he played violent games like the ones I spoken above the game had influenced his mind and he had sadly killed children at Sandy Hook Elementary Middle school. In Connecticut you are allowed to buy a gun and just walk out and in many other places so I hope that this killing spree doesn’t occur again especially not with the children Preventing video game violence from youths will be a good thing because their wouldn’t be anything making them violent, and cause trouble.

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