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Is The House Of Commons “Socially Representative”? Should It Be?

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There is no doubt that whether the House of Commons really represent community or not has become controversial. In my opinion, the House of Commons not really represent the community in the UK due to MPs are not diversified. Matt Walker (October 21, 2009) pointed out that: “In 2005 only 23% of the House of Commons were women, despite making up over half the UK population. Furthermore, ethnic minorities constitute only 2.3% of the House of Commons, despite being 9% of the entire UK population.” Therefore, how can the House of Commons becomes more socially representative is an important problem which parliament must deal with.
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If there are more ethnic-minority MPs, more people can put forward their opinions so that their MPs can expound them to the parliament and nations will have fewer disputes. In addition, MPs’ average age is 50 and four-fifths of MPs are over 40 years old. I think if there are more young people get in the House of Commons, the House of Commons will have a new atmosphere and become more flexible to hand things. For instance, young people have some advanced the ideas which middle-aged people do not have, so when the House of Commons makes some decisions, the young people can provide some new opinions. What’s more, it is a truth that MPs who are high educated is the large number of the whole MPs. And it is a good point that MPs with high educated would work more efficient. However, not all high educated people can stand on someone else's point to thinking, so do MPs. Therefore, it is an advantage that absorbs some people who do not have very high education. Only they know what they actually want and need. So it is more easily to deal with the problems that they face in their daily life. Take workers for example. If a worker becomes an MP, he/ she can provide some suggestions when the House of Commons enact laws...

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