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Is Social Networking Taking Over? Essay

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Is Social Networking Taking Over?
Mandy Barnard
INF103: Computer Literacy
David Pittman
March 15, 2015

Is Social Networking Taking Over?
Social networking sites have been around since the mid-nineties and have continued to gain popularity through the years. New sites are constantly launching. Computers, smart phones and TVs, and tablets have become household fixtures for the majority of the population. We have incorporated them into our daily lives and routines and because of this we have access to social networking sites 24/7. Spending too much time on these sites creates the potential of a more sedentary lifestyle, becoming more egocentric, and withdrawing from activities and ...view middle of the document...

Bowles (2013) states, “Any time people gather together there is an opportunity for a limited few to misuse the space and take advantage of others. Social networking online, much like physical interaction in the real world, also has this potential” (para. 13). He goes on to explain that in days past one could graffiti a bathroom stall with unfavorable comments about a person and a limited number of people would see it. In this day and age, that same information could be placed on a social networking site and instantly have hundreds of viewers. It has become such an issue that this behavior has been deemed “cyberbullying” (para. 14). It affects an exorbitant amount of adolescents and has detrimental effects that can be very difficult to overcome, causing depression and social disorders. There have been commercials, songs, websites, television shows, and articles addressing this growing issue. While social networking has many wonderful uses and can be a very enjoyable source of entertainment, its easy accessibility and open forum for opinions can lead to some unwanted activity as well.
Parks and Calamaro (2013) explore social networking sites, adolescents and young adults, and the health research that is done on both. They use the number one American used site, Facebook, along with the most popular sites in Latin America and the UK. Through their research, they disclose that the majority of the people utilizing social networking sites on a daily basis are adolescents and young adults. They reveal that both mental and physical health can and is being watched and recorded, yet minimally, by research companies based on pictures, status updates, and messages. They feel that social networking sites are underutilized for this research. It has begun, but so much more can be done. In their opinion, one can use social networking sites as a cost effective way to reach and create educational interventions for adolescents and young adults (Parks, Calamaro, 2013, pg. 3).
With the youth always being equipped with the newest, latest, and greatest mobile devices, social networking sites are accessible 24/7. Not much thought is given before posting pictures or updating ones status of the day’s events. Privacy and discretion is not something most of the younger population concern themselves with. I believe, because of this, they are easily targeted and an abundance of information can be procured by visiting their walls. Park and Calamaro (2013) state, “Content analysis of alcohol references revealed that youth communicate with others on their SNS profiles how they consume alcohol” (pg. 4). They also reveal that one’s increase in the number of friends is directly correlated with posts such as those (Park, Calamaro, 2013). I believe, and agree, that the health industry can easily gain knowledge about increased alcohol, drug abuse, sexual activity, and so much more by studying the activities, posts, and pictures of the young adult population. ...

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