Is Islam A Religion Of Violence Or Non Violence? An Examination Of Misconceptions In The Western World?

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Is Islam a religion of violence or non-violence? An examination of
misconceptions in the Western World?

The world is full of acts of violence and acts of peace and non violence. We as people try to comprehend these acts by establishing whys. The why that we will examine is one of consistent misunderstanding and misrepresentation specifically in the Western world. When a suicide bombing occurs why is it if you asked most individuals in the west what the offending individual’s religion was their almost instant response is they were a Muslim.
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An example of this can be found in a piece where Fox News Bill O’Rielly states “ As you know “Talking Points” believes there is a Muslim problem in the world, and that extends to the USA.” He goes on to justify this statement by making ascertation that all terrorist attacks are directly related to the Muslim faith, directly using comments like Muslim terrorists, and stating that “jihadists were already in the country” while trying to be careful to not call out law abiding Muslims in this country, while at the same time claiming that the Fort Hood massacre was the result of an Islamist jihadist. When in fact a close examination of the facts reveals that in this case an individual who had been part of the army had been seeking a discharge and not been granted one was getting ready to be deployed, was described as being odd in his work habits, was also known to be harassed and teased over the years about his Muslim faith, and even though the shooter wanted the attack to be labeled as a terrorist attack the government and prosecution have stuck to the idea that he was motivated by other motives and not solely by his own interpretation of the Quran. This would also be supported by the fact he had been part of the army, was said to get along well with others, does not even describe a radical extremist. It was the media that...

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