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Is Human Ressources A Fashion Or Is It Here To Stay

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International Human Resources

1- Is HRM a fashion or is it here to stay? What is the probability that HRM will be the dominant framework for people management in the 21st century?
HRM has evolved from a number of different strands of thought and is best described as a loose philosophy of people management rather than a focused methodology. It derives largely from the 20th century but incorporates older notions about the management of people at work. These ideas have many different roots and they do not fit comfortably within one coherent and self-consistent body of knowledge. One major point of debate has been the difference - if any - between HRM and 'traditional' personnel ...view middle of the document...

Those who aspire to leadership roles within the profession will have to become more strategic, more proactive, more involved in the overall business of their employer, say the experts.
But there is an upside to this disorder: HR people who develop business competencies and embrace the new roles--in the process redefining themselves and their profession--can aspire to greater and much more rewarding careers than were possible for HR people a generation ago.
David Ulrich, a professor of business administration at the University of Michigan once said ‘"HR is dead. Long live HR". That's his way of saying that "the old HR" is dying in a way.
HR departments will be smaller, says Ulrich. "Some of HR will go away. Some of HR should go away."
To see the HRM from another point of view, ‘The most successful HR people will be those who "think from the outside in", according to Richard Beatty an HR management professor at Rutgers University and the University of Michigan.
To sum up, there’s no concrete way to say if the HRM today is a fashion or a long time phenomena. I’m going to rely at this stage on two thinkers, working in HRM, talking about the ‘SKILLS FOR SURVIVAL IN HRM’; "People are finally realizing that, to be successful in HR, you need more than HR knowledge" says Susan Meisinger, SPHR, president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The primary missing link, say Meisinger and other experts, is knowing business and its language.

"Get thee off to business school. Study finance" says Dave Kieffer, who heads Mercer Human Resource...

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