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Ipo For Management Essay

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Options for Raising Funds
Fund Raising Options


Equity IPO FPO


From Banks & FIs

Various forms of Convertibles

In India

Public issue of


Rights Issue

Pref. Issue

outside India




Why IPOs?
For Funding Needs •Funding Capital Requirements for Organic Growth •Expansion through Projects •Diversification •Funding Global Requirements •Funding Joint Venture and Collaborations needs •Funding Infrastructure Requirements, Marketing Initiatives and Distribution Channels •Financing Working Capital Requirements •Funding General Corporate Purposes ...view middle of the document...

4000 crore, the company may be allowed to go public with 10% public shareholding and comply with the 25% public shareholding requirement by increasing its public shareholding by at least 5% per annum.

SCRR- Amendment dated 4.6.2010
 For companies whose draft offer document is pending with Securities and Exchange Board of India on or before these amendments are required to comply with 25% public shareholding requirement by increasing its public shareholding by at least 5% per annum, irrespective of the amount of post issue capital of the company calculated at offer price.
A company may increase its public shareholding by less than 5% in a year if such increase brings its public shareholding to the level of 25% in that year.

The requirement for continuous listing will be the same as the conditions for initial listing.
Every listed company shall maintain public shareholding of at least 25%. If the public shareholding in a listed company falls below 25% at any time, such company shall bring the public shareholding to 25% within a maximum period of 12 months from the date of such fall.


Common Conditions for Public Issues and Rights Issues Provisions as to Public Issue Eligibility Requirements Pricing in Public Issue Promoters’ Contribution Restriction on Transferability (Lock-in) of Promoters’ Contribution, etc. Minimum Offer to Public, Reservations, etc. Manner of Disclosures in the Offer Documents General Obligations of Issuer and Intermediaries with respect to Public Issue and Rights Issue Preferential Issue Qualified Institutions Placement Bonus Issue Issue of Indian Depository Receipts

Reg4..provides for following general eligibility conditions for for the issue…
      Issuer, its promoter group or directors or persons in control of the issuer should not be debarred from accessing capital market Promoters, directors or persons in control of the issuer should not be a promoter, director or person in control of any other company which is debarred from accessing capital market Issuer to make application to one or more recognized stock exchanges for listing of shares Issuer to enter into agreement with a depository for...

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