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China’s crude steel production during the Year reached approximately 683 million tons, an increase of approximately 8.9% compared to the Last Year. China’s copper cathode production during the Year was approximately 5.5 million tons, an increase of approximately 15.5% compared to the Last Year. However, the penetration of scrap metals consumption in China during the Year was still at a low level when compared with the figures in developed countries. Therefore, there exists a great potential for increasing penetration of recycled metals in China.

For the Eastern China operation, benefiting from the expanding operations in Jiangyin city and Ningbo city and with the benefit of being one of ...view middle of the document...

With a designed annual capacity of 250,000 tons, Lijilong Group is one of the leading metal recyclers in Baotou City. Lijilong Group has a long operating history in the region and established a base of quality customers such as 包頭鋼鐵(集團)有限責任公司(Baotou Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd) and 內蒙古北方重工業集團有限公司(Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group Co. Ltd) and an extensive suppliers’ network. It also has a major vehicle dismantling licence. The Baotou JV has a 500,000 tons capacity. Both initiatives will greatly enhance the Group’s bargaining and managing power in the Northern China region.

For the Southern China operation, business has been stable. The Zhongshan site expanded the Group’s collection coverage and contributed an additional capacity of 300,000 tons. On 15 March 2011, the Company entered into a non-binding memorandum of understanding with 廣東物資集團公 司(Guangdong Materials Group Corporation) (“GDWZ”) to set up a joint venture to engage in the recycling business in the Southern China region. The discussion is ongoing. The proposed co-operation would help the Group create an integrated metal recycling system that combines the recycling and dismantling of scrap metals, electrical appliances, motor vehicles, vessels and aircrafts.

For the Central China operation, the Wuhan site has been ramping...

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