Investigation Of Factors Affecting Healthcare Organization’s Adoption Of Telemedicine

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Proceedings of the 33rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2000

Investigation of Factors Affecting Healthcare Organization’s Adoption of Telemedicine Technology
Paul Jen-Hwa Hu University of South Florida Patrick Y.K. Chau University of Hong Kong Olivia R. Liu Sheng University of Arizona

Recent advances in information and biomedicine technology have significantly increased the technical feasibility, clinical viability and economic affordability of telemedicine-assisted service collaboration and delivery. The ultimate success of telemedicine in an adopting organization requires the organization’s proper addressing both technological and managerial ...view middle of the document...

The ultimate success of telemedicine requires an adopting organization to address both technological and managerial challenges effectively [2]. In this

exploratory study, we investigated the decision factors important for healthcare organizations’ adoption of telemedicine technology. We took a factor modeling approach and specifically employed the organizational adoption framework proposed by Tornatzky and Fleischer [3], who suggested that an organization’s adoption of a technological innovation should take into account several essential contexts, including the environmental, the organizational and the technological. This framework conceptually describes organizational innovation adoption phenomena and, at the same time, provides a necessary foundation upon which relevant adoption factors can be identified within the respective contexts. Anchoring our analysis of telemedicine technology adoption by healthcare organizations within this framework, we identified relevant adoption factors jointly leading to the development of a research model, which was evaluated using a survey study that involved public healthcare organizations in Hong Kong. Results of the study provided a desirable point of departure for subsequent research of organizational adoption of telemedicine technology in health care. The organization of the remainder of the paper is as follows. Section 2 reviews previous telemedicine research and relevant prior innovation/technology adoption studies, highlighting our motivation. Section 3 describes our overall research framework and the resulting research model, together with the specific hypotheses to be tested by the study. Section 4 details our research approach, design and data collection methods, followed by discussion of data analysis results in Section 5. The paper concludes in Section 6 with some implications for telemedicine management, readily derived from our findings.

2. Literature Review and Motivation
Broadly, technology adoption can be understood as an organization’s decision to acquire a specific technology and make it available to target users for their task performance. Contrary to a common dichotomous view, we considered technology

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Proceedings of the 33rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2000

adoption to consist of a series of distinct and consecutive stages that lead to ultimate technology acquisition and use or final rejection. Specifically, we focused on healthcare organizations’ adoption of telemedicine technology, a significant technological innovation that has the potential to bring about a paradigmatic shift in health care. The concept of telemedicine emerged nearly four decades ago, when futurist physicians teamed up with technologists to experiment with use of telecommunications technology to support remote patient care or service collaboration [4-5]. Propelled by long-standing problems in contemporary health care in such areas as...

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