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Investigating Period 3 Oxide Essay

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Periodicity – Investigation of the properties of period 3 oxides1

Aim: The purpose of this practical to examine the oxides of period 3 elements.
• Safety goggles (the practicals marked with an * should be done in the fume cupboard
• 4 test tubes
• Test tube rack
• 10cm3 measuring cylinder
• thermometer 100C-1000C
• spatula
• teat pipettes
• Magnesium oxide
• Aluminium oxide
• Phosphorous pentoxide
• Silicon oxide
• Universal indicator solution
• Distlled water
• Sulphur dioxide is in the fume hood

Procedure A
Examine the oxide samples and copy the ...view middle of the document...

| | | | |
|State | | | | | | |
| colour | | | | | | |
| On mixing with water |
|Initial Temperature | | | | | | |
|Final Temperature | | | | | | |
|Does it dissolve | | | | | | |
|pH of the solution | | | | | ...

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