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Introduction To Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Ness Washington
March 8, 2013

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
What is the difference between communication, human communication, impersonal communication, and interpersonal communication?
Communication alone is simply the process of acting on information that is received, and then sending a response (Bebee, Bebee, & Redmond, 2011). Human communication is more involved. It entails making sense of the surrounding world and sharing those perceptions and interpretations with others using both verbal and non-verbal signals. People attempt to make sense of the world by using the five senses: seeing, hearing, ...view middle of the document...

Why is interpersonal communication important in your life?
Interpersonal communication improves family relationships, romantic relationships and marriages, relationships with friends, and work and career- related relationships. Marriages and intimate relationships that involve strong interpersonal communication are more harmonious than those that do not. Individuals with strong interpersonal skills tend to be more successful and productive at work, because they become involved in fewer conflicts and are better able to manage interactions and relationships. Furthermore, having interpersonal skills is a requirement for hire for many employers. Interpersonal communication also improves health. Having close relationships reduces stress which limits risks for developing heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Moreover, people who suffer from serious illnesses and have interpersonal relationships with close friends and family members generally live longer and some even overcome sicknesses. Interpersonal communication affects the relationships in every major aspect of life. Happiness depends greatly on relationships; therefore the overall quality of life is improved with interpersonal communication (Bebee, Bebee, & Redmond, 2011).
Which principle of interpersonal communication have you recently...

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