Introduction To Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Review : Some Moral Minima
Morality has been an issue that several societies around the world have tried to decipher and label, based on diverse sociology thesis. Morality is described as the acceptable code or behaviors and choices in the content presented or society. On the contrary, the term moral minima is considered to compliment or be as congruent with morality. " The advent of civilization has given room to various forms that moral minima can be derived." ( Goodman, 2010, p.87) In such a way, that morality has become an issue that because of its vast interpretation can be misconstrued.

Thus, morality is received or acquired in the ideas. The first is the laws in which a ...view middle of the document...

Most of society believes any act that denies human beings the right to a comfortable lifestyle is deemed as immoral. According to Mosser (2010), “the relativist's solution to this conflict seems to be a recommendation of tolerance and the suggestion that understanding the values of other cultures will help us better appreciate, and respect, those cultures” (Pg. 23). I conclude that Goodman was absolutely correct to record the tribulations that influence or can impinge on any society (Goodman, 2010, p.90).

Goodman's hypothesis were not ignored or challenged by significant opinions of peers. Some of the theories presented by Goodman sternly opposed rituals, beliefs, and customs that were accepted by various societies. For example, the idea of polygamy being immoral is controversial because of the beliefs in the Muslim society. In this religion, individuals are allowed to have several wives as long as the basic needs are provided for the wives and children. This is a point in which personal perception is challenged. (Goodman, 2010, p.91)

According to Goodman (2010), “Genocide is uglier than murder because it targets individuals as members of a group” (Pg. 88). This is proven by the holocaust and Rwanda. In countries like Somalia, famine is a tool used to control or punish the population that is supporting opposition political parties and liberation fighters.   "In World War I, germ warfare was used to eradicate enemies and obstruct war efforts due to the suffering inflicted upon those infected with the disease.   The decisions made by these political groups or leaders are examples of relativism.   They believe their choice is the...

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