Introduction Broken Families Earn Less And Experience Lesser Levels Of Educational Achievement Whether Or Not A Child’s Married And Stay Married Has A Massive Effect On His Or Her Future Prosperity And That Of The Next

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Broken families earn less and experience lesser levels of educational achievement whether or not a child’s married and stay married has a massive effect on his or her future prosperity and that of the next generation. Unfortunately, the growth in the number of children born into broken families in Philippine.
Children from broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles than those whose parents stays together, Government researched has found it also showed that two parents are much better than one if children are to avoid slipping into emotional distress and anti-social behavior. The findings say that the children’s family background are important.
Marriage is also another small social system which is the foundation of a family. The ...view middle of the document...

Though divorce has become more acceptable over time, an inverse relationship exists between socioeconomic status and divorce rate. It has been found that to establish a peaceful conjugal life some factors should be considered such as age at marriage, age gap, accepting couple’s opinion before arranging marriage, physical fitness, social and mental consistency between couples, economic solvency, equal social status etc.
Statement of the problem
This study aims to knowc The psychological well-being of children is important for several reasons. First, depressed mood impacts their social relations and their performance abilities (Compas and Hammen, 1994; Peterson et al., 1993). Second, psychological well-being in youth predicts future adult well-being. Depressive episodes in youth are likely to be chronic and recurrent throughout the life course (Robins et al., 1991). Finally, depressive moods early in life are an indicator of one’s potential for developing serious depressive disorders later in life (Gotlib et al., 1995). This research will make three contributions to the existing research. First, the majority of researchers investigating the effects of family structure on children’s psychological well-being have based their findings on mothers’ reports of their children’s psychological well-being. This research will use mothers’ reports on the level of parental conflict, but children’s reports on the quality of their relationship with both parents and their psychological well-being.
Specifically, this study will address the following research questions.
1. What is the profile of respondents?
2. What is the cause of having a broken family?
3. What will be the attitude of the students in school?
4. Is there a chance that they will belong to a bad group of students?
5. Will they loss to their selves?

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

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