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Michael Cedeño
June 1, 2015
Introduction Discussion

My name is Michael Cedeño and I am 24 years young. I graduated St. Brendan High School in 2008 with a full scholarship to Florida International University. I graduated FIU in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology. The original plan was to attend medical school immediately after graduating but I was always intrigued by the idea of ...view middle of the document...

I am currently the General Manager of three Sports Grill locations in south Florida and I feel like I can achieve so much more with a business degree. I chose to get my MBA in healthcare because I have always picture myself working in a hospital and I find the field very interesting with endless possibilities for growth.
I have always been a hard worker and I strive for perfection, which I feel, will help me succeed in this program. This field is very new to me and that is probably my biggest fear moving forward with this program. I feel like I have to work a little harder than my peers because they are already familiar with the healthcare industry. I am very excited about starting something new and my journey is just beginning. I plan to attend medical school after I complete my Masters and I am hoping that this MBA program will help me grow as an individual in both the school and work environment. FIU is growing rapidly which is another reason I chose to stay in Florida and get my MBA as a proud panther. I am very excited to start the program and I am feeling really good about the next year and a half!

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