Introducing A Nursing Procedure Essay

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Introduction of New Procedures
A doctor asked me to come up with a procedure for the assessment and treatment of “Sleep Apnea in Adults”. There is wide variety of factors that I would have to consider in an attempt to write up and apply a new protocol or procedure:
1. Would this be within my scope of nursing?
There are many resources to find information on my standards of practice. These resources include a variety of nursing organizations (including statewide, national and international), education institutions (including community colleges and universities), and my state’s Board of Nursing. Basically, I would ask myself if I have had the ...view middle of the document...

Will I do comparative studies on other researcher’s work and studies, on the detection (screening with questionnaires and/or tools and procedures for diagnosing), and treatments (weight-loss programs, CPAP, MAD, surgery, etc…).
Should I do studies of patient outcomes (short-term and/or long-term)? There is an abundance of educational resources to use for research.
3. How will I format it?
Will it be something that I will want to send to nursing organizations for review, to a journal to be published or simply for use within my facility of practice? Both the nursing organizations and journals have guidelines to follow for formatting. Should I submit a “sample” paper or form to receive feedback (from my coworkers or other medical professionals, or journalists)? This could be a way to introduce it. There are also many educational resources to use for formatting.
Developing an effective procedure or protocol could be very difficult and time consuming. The end result, however, could be very satisfying with the knowledge of improving the care and education of patients, the public and maybe even the world.

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