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Introduce Of A Product Essay

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Good morning to Dr.Syed and my friends.
Before I continue my presentation today, I would like to ask all of you to put up your hand and feel your face. What do you feel?? Soft, oily or rough?? Which one is it??? No mender is soft, oily or rough, I would like to ask all of you that do you use any product to make your skin fairer and better??
Slide 1
From this slide, I am sure that you all will want this kind of skin. So what if you are one of the less fortunate people and have this kind of skin, what you should do in order to have a better skin?? What is the solution to it??
Slide 2
The solution is the product that I am going to introduce to you all today. The product is Aquafirm Weekly Active Foam Mask. This mask had been introducing to the world on 22 June 2011 and arrives at Malaysia on the month of July. So why do I introduce this mask to all of you???
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Aquafirm Weekly Active Foam Mask is a self-foaming mask helps reset depleted moisture levels while ...view middle of the document...

So how do we use this product??
Slide 4
See the slide, the first step is to open the cap and press 2 to 3 pump in hand, see the mask is powder blue and have gelatinous texture which is thick with the smell of ocean! Okay before I forget, I want to tell you that you should use the mask after you have finish washing you face. Second step is apply the mask to you skin. Well here is the magical moment happen. After we apply it, we can hear some small sound from where we apply it. Then you all can see that the bubbles begin to produce by itself. You do not have to rub or massage it in order to get bubbles. See same with me. Okay, if you push the bubbles or press it also the bubbles would not disappear. The bubbles will keep on producing. In order to get a fairer and better skin, we should allow the mask to active for 5 minutes. After that, we can rinse it with warm water. It is only cost you 5 minutes to have a great skin. So if you are too busy, then you should try this mask.
Slide 5
Well after see how is the mask works then I will show the advantages of the mask. The first advantage is the mask is easy to use. We just have to press 2 to 3 pump in the hand and apply it on to our face. So easy and simple. A second advantage is the mask is save time. Well normally when we use mask, we will leave it on our face for 15 to 20 minutes. With this mask, we just need to use 5 minutes and within the 5 minutes we have we can do other things. For example, we apply the mask just before we go to work in the morning and within the 5 minutes we can prepare our bags or read some newspaper. Third, no wastage occurs when we use this mask. Well, the traditional mask like the clay form one or the paper mask will make some wastage because we have to use it in large amount. Fourth, the mask is suitable for all skin types so everyone can use it. Actually nowadays everyone including boys should take care of their skin. Well, first impression is very important. So if you have a fairer skin then you will be able to leave a better impression to other people. Fifth, the mask contains naturally active ingredients. This is important because naturally active ingredients will make our skin better.

This mask is great to you all. So you all should own it to have a fairer and better skin. That’s all for may presentation thank you.

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