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Exercise 1.3.1 What is the decimal value of Byte 1 by itself? What is the decimal value of Byte 2 by itself?
Answer: 25, 233
Exercise 1.5.1 On the desktop of your operating system, create a new folder called Classes. Open the C: drive and locate the path through the subfolders from the root directory C: to get to your Classes folder. This path will differ slightly depending on the operating system. Record the navigation path to get to your new Classes folder. Hint: Most directory structures that include the desktop of a computer involve finding a folder for users and selecting ...view middle of the document...

The OS reference has been moved from the main folder “Classes” to the sub folder “Networking” 2. The os reference is now under the sub folder Networking in memory.
Exercise 1.6.1 Record the amount of space you have available and how much total space you have on your Windows hard drive.
Answer: 417 GB free if 465 GB.
Exercise 1.6.3 Locate the system information for your Windows machine and record the amount of RAM you have installed.
Answer: 4.00 GB of RAM
Exercise 1.6.5 Access the System Information window on your Windows machine and record the type of processor and the processor speed for the computer.
Answer: Intel 1.40GHz, Celeron 1.40GHz
Exercise 1.6.7 Open the Task Manager in Windows. What type of information about the computer is available? How would this be useful for monitoring your system?
Answer: Applications that are currently running, Processes, services, performance, networking and users. This is useful because you can monitor the system to make sure that it is running properly and can be used to force a program to close that is not working properly.
Exercise 1.6.8 With the Task Manager open in Windows, sort the running processes by CPU cycles. What process is using the most CPU time? Sort the processes by memory. What process is using the most RAM?
Answer: 1. System Idle is using the most CPU time. 2. AdobeARM is using the most RAM.

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