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Intro To Business Hiring And Maintaining Employees

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Business owners have to hire employees to have a successful and profitable business. Employees are the essential support for a business to run properly and service their customer’s needs. Business owners have to depend on the employees to complete daily tasks and meet policies and procedures. The company has to hire the right person for the job or it can become an expensive mistake very quickly. The right individual hired can led to a successful employment relationship and the individual pays the company back with productivity. The company has a duty to maintain the right employees by providing benefits, incentives, and retention programs. Companies should implement a plan ...view middle of the document...

The hiring manager will review potential candidate’s resumes and begin scheduling interviews to fill the position. The hiring manager will also need to design an application and job candidate evaluation form. The evaluation form is a great tool for the interviewer to prepare questions and have a format to follow and take notes during the interview. In the resume review, the manager needs to be careful deciding who to interview. The resume depicts the potential candidate’s job history, skills, and education. It is important to make sure the candidate is qualified for the position and matches the cultural environment. When reviewing a resume, you want to look for the length of time the candidate was at their last job. This quality shows the dedication to a company and the type of employee you would be interviewing. During the candidate selection process, it is important to ask behavioral questions, scenario questions, and resolve questions and concerns in regards to their past experiences. Behavioral questions are used to determine how a candidate will handle specific employment situations. An example of a behavioral question would be how do you handle a difficult customer or how do you work under pressure. These types of questions can give the hiring manager an insight on how the potential employee handled situations in the past and the logic is that the future will represent the same behavior. Scenario questions are used to give specific examples of a situation the previous employee handled such as an upset customer or disagreement with another employee. The hiring manager needs to take notes during the interview and watch for body language. It is important to ask questions that coordinate with the


position and the potential company the new hire will work for. After the hiring manager has interviewed and reviewed potential employees, they have to take the next step in the hiring process.

The interview notes and resume should be reviewed to make the best decision. I...

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