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The Big Bang! A theory ceremoniously used in explaining the existence of our universe but can also be attributed to the drastic change in globalization. This increase in globalization has impacted the economics of our nation. Its affects, furthermore, impact the way organizations manage people. Therein lies the strenuous task of implementing policies and systems to stave the endless change in the global workplace for human resource managers. These are just a few of the challenges that I’m ready to take on as a professional in human resource management.

My purpose for pursing enrollment into your Masters in Human Resource Management program can be explained with simply three words ...view middle of the document...

Being the first to earn an undergraduate degree in my immediate family and being the first to earn a Master’s degree in my extended family have been lifelong goals; Goals that I intend on accomplishing through this graduate program.

I am a very determined and responsible individual with a desire to reach out and make a difference in people’s lives. Although my past involvements with various companies have not been entirely based on the management of human resources, I am resolute in building a thorough understanding of disciplines and skills that I can put to use. Furthermore, I am a dedicated individual who is always willing to learn. My passion for success in the lives of others as well as achieving organizational goals fuels the fire within me to take part in this program.

My decision to study Human Resource Management at Stony Brook University was not an easy choice to make. I did a lot of research and I took a lot of time to figure out what program best fits my desired area of study. I’ve gained quite a bit of professional experience in different fields of work, but nothing directly dealing with human resource management. I would consider myself to be a bit more of a novice to the industry and would rather a more progressive styled program. I find that the Human Resource Management Masters program is designed to do exactly that. Stony Brook University has a strong comprehensive human resource management program that has the ability to accommodate both seasoned and tender footed professionals like...

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