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Intl 500 Essay

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Jeremiah Hatch
International 500
Professor Lulejian
12 July, 2015
In this exercise, I agree more with the proponents for globalization. While I believe that the
United States needs to find a way to create more jobs for unskilled laborers, I believe that every
Individual is given the opportunity to create a better life for themselves. Globalization allows for lower
prices to be paid for products that can be produced more cheaply and then imported in. A downside
of globalization, however, is when manufacturing firms begin dumping products that are currently
being produced in multiple countries and then puts so much strain on the organizations causing them to
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Each of these transactions boost the economy in whichever country to consumer calls home. This does
not only support the sale of goods, but services as well. By outsourcing things such as call centers and
customer issue resolution centers, an organization can then lower the cost of the service they offer.
Globalization also allows for products to be designed and built by manufacturing firms from
other countries to produce products to be used in an end product then built in another country. Skeptics
of globalization would suggest that this is simply to move manufacturing processes that damage the
environment from a country with strict environmental laws to a country that either has less stringent
laws, or that has laws, but is unlikely to enforce them. However, if organizations were to move
manufacturing to a country with less stringent environmental protection laws, but still adhered to the
standards set by their home country, the profits would eventually outweigh the cost involved to set up
the manufacturing facility.
Globalization functions well under a free market economic system. The biggest pitfall to a free
trade market system is governmental systems trying to influence the market itself. When free trade
works properly, or the way it was designed to work, there would be few government imposed taxes or
barriers to trade between nations. Free trade also creates unregulated access to markets and access to
market information. Free trade markets also make it difficult for organizations to distort
the market through government imposed monopolies and oligopolies.
Currently the World Trade Organization is charged with policing the trade systems between the
Nation states and the systems they have in place established by the General Agreement on Tariffs and
Trade. However, the World Trade Organization is only able to enforce the laws that the nations involved
agree to grant. This in turn can make it more difficult for the World Trade Organization to enforce
anything that they can’t persuade the nations involved to do or go by.
While many skeptics blame the gap between the super-rich and the poor on globalization, the
distance between the two tiers can be blamed more upon corporatism. When corporations are given
the opportunity to try and create a monopoly through not only governmental influence and contracts,
but also closing down any avenues for...

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