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Intitutional Vs Community Corrections Paper

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Tierra Alexander
June 5, 2016
Mitch Jessip

In today’s world we never understand how the what it is as a prisoner to know the difference between institutional and community corrections. This being whether they are on probation, parole, or reentry of an institution. So with this being said I will let you know about this by comparing and contrasting the difference in the two corrections. In most of this it’s based off the objective of institutional and community. I wondered do we know how many prisoners and offenders are actually on probation. Do you understand the different sources as well as what would be the best rehabilitation ...view middle of the document...

Before he knows it would be a lack of respect towards the guard. The benefits of acting ethical it makes a clear statement that the prison guard will not be taken advantage of and will do his job without fear of retaliation and noncompliance. An unethical approach would be for the guard to accept the letter from the inmate. This would mean the guard had other motives like making his job easier, hope of gaining inmate cooperation. This can lead to a lot of trouble with said inmate. It can lead to blackmail if he refuses to help him out again. Prison guards are meant to be an officer in prisons not friends to prisoners.

The second scenario is dealing with community corrections and a probation or parole officer who should submit a motion to revoke order for a person who is violating said terms of probation or parole. The boss of the probation officer has told him not to turn it in and reveals he has a personal relationship with said parolee. The rite decision is for the probation officer to turn in the revocation report and report the behavior and report his supervisor to someone above him. It is clear the boss is giving special treatment to this offender. This could be going...

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