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Interviews And Interrogations Policy Paper

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Interviews and Interrogations Policy Paper



In the security and law enforcement industry, interviews and interrogations are a way that officers can gathers facts and information about a situation, incident, or case. For security and law enforcement officers interviews and interrogations play a key role in building and solving cases. This paper will discuss the comparison and contrast between security interviews and security interrogations, the legal issues associated with security interviews and interrogations, and finally a security organization policy on conducting security interviews and interrogations.
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If the interviewer was to go into the setting unprepared, the individual will have doubts about the credibility of the interviewer, thus leaving them less likely to divulge important information. When a potential suspect sees that the individual conducting the interview does not have all the facts, or has the wrong facts about the incident, the suspect will believe they have a chance of getting away with the crime and will therefore withhold information. That is why being fully prepared for either incident is the best way to go so that all of the facts are in place for the prosecution of the suspect.
When conducting non-accusatory interviews such as cognitive interviews, the main focus is to reconstruct the details of an event in a witness’ mind in different ways that will improve their overall recollection of the events. There are four techniques that are used for this process and they are as follows;
a. Reconstruct the circumstances surrounding the event. The witness is asked to reconstruct how the incident began and the circumstances that surround it. The witness is asked to think about the important details such as the environment and the conditions of the area, as well as their emotional state of mind during the time of the occurrence (Wicklander, 1993).

b. Instruct the witness to report everything and to not leave out any details whether those details are big or small ones, or they seem important or not so important.

c. Recall the events in a different order, and then ask the witness to describe the details of the events in reverse or from the middle and then to describe the details again from either one of those points of information.

d. Change perspectives and ask the witness to put themselves in another person’s shoes who might have witnessed other details and try to consider what they might have seen and from what other locations they could have been seen from (Wicklander, 1993).

When conducting witness interviews, the interview itself should remain non-accusatory so that witness will be more likely to give more details surrounding the events leading up to the incident. Upon completing the required interview with the witnesses, the investigator should return to the crime scene so that it can be thoroughly searched for any evidence as well as make sure that they have interviewed any and all witnesses.
Victim Interviews should be conducted in a delicate manner so that the individual is not distressed any more than they already are. The victim’s health and personal safety are of the highest priority and therefore the interviewer must be patient and be willing to wait until the victim is ready to give their statement.
There are serious legal issues involved when interviewing or interrogating a witness or suspect. Knowing these legal issues will ensure an effective and legal interview or interrogation. Not adhering to these laws can result in a guilty suspect’s confession being thrown out...

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