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Interviewing Techniques For New Project Essay

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Interviewing Techniques for New I.T. Project 
CEO – Yes, succession planning.
Project Manager – How so?
President & CEO – I experienced professional growth in the company, and I suspect that others
would like to grow in that same manner. I would have liked a defined career
path and the ability to track my progress for meeting the requirements.
Knowing where the openings are and what skills it takes to fill the positions
would have made it much easier to advance.
Project Manager – I understand. It seems the system tracks the answers in performance reviews
as well as the training courses each employee completes.
President & CEO – Yes, exactly. Those records would be entered into the ...view middle of the document...

Project Manager – Why?
VP Marketing – The employee database contains the most up-to-date information about the
employees, their office location, telephone, and e-mail contact information.
Project Manager – Yes, I agree based on my research of the systems. And the e-forms?
VP Marketing – The e-forms allow for forms to be created and the fields of those forms to be
populated by the database.
Project Manager – How do you see the HRIS accomplishing this?
VP Marketing – This would happen similar to mail merge. Several of our vendors have this
functionality; we seem behind the times and are spending too much money
filling in forms and looking for information.
Project Manager – Do you have a projected figure for the costs associated with the savings?
VP Marketing – I have not done the calculation officially. Let's do a general estimation now.
We do about 100 forms a year with each company that supplies us. We have
37 suppliers. That is 3,700 forms a year.
Project Manager – It sure multiplies fast. Do you think each one would save about 15 minutes
due to the auto-fill capability?
VP Marketing – Yes, I would say that.
Project Manager – From my project calculations, each hour of staff time in the office averages
about $50.
VP Marketing – Let's see. 3,700 times 50 is 185,000. Divide that by 4, and we get $46,250 of
savings just by using the auto-fill capability.
Project Manager – That is the cost of nearly a whole staff position! Just think what would happen
with the expansion of the company due to easier and timelier
VP Marketing – Yes, we would be more competitive in our pricing and have higher
Project Manager – I appreciate your time. Is there anything else you would like to share?
VP Marketing – When will you have the next step ready for review?
Project Manager – The next step is to complete all the interviews and write the report. I told the
president that I would be done with a written report about a week after I
finish all the interviews.
VP Marketing – That sounds good. I am interested in the article. Good luck.
Project Manager – Thanks.

What aspect of a human resources information system would be most
beneficial to the company?
VP Finance – The most beneficial aspect would be the payroll capabilities.
Project Manager – Why?
VP Finance – This implementation would remove the need for manual entry of time cards
by an HR employee into the data system.
Project Manager – How do you see the HRIS accomplishing this?
VP Finance – First, the HR and payroll data are in the same system. This would avoid double
entry and reduce mistakes.
Project Manager – That means the same information is entered by two different people?
VP Finance – Yes, by not having a double entry we save time and money. We also reduce
the potential for mistakes. The payroll system can be integrated with an
employee self-service system, called an ESS. The ESS would let us keep track
of employee time and...

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