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Interview Skills Essay

355 words - 2 pages

Five selected interview questions with my proposed responses.

What makes you interested in working in our company?

Proposed Response:
The benefits/welfare that is provided by the company for the employees is attractive. By working in your company it exposes me to a new working environment, an opportunity to learn new skills and creating good learning experience. I believe that your company can provide me a strong platform to utilize and improve my skills and knowledge as well as it is a career advancement ...view middle of the document...

How can you use your strength and using it to contribute to our company?

Proposed Response:
I am flexible by nature, able to adapt to rapid changes around my surrounding, therefore I believe I can handle issues that comes along my way. Being detailed orientated, I am particular to every single details, which I believe this strength of mine will be able to contribute effectively to the company. Being a team player will also help me to cooperate well with my colleagues and this will help to boost the morale as well as the efficiency of our team. Possessing leadership skill will also help me to organize my team efficiently as well as leading them to achieve organization goals.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years down the road in our company?

Proposed Response:
In 5 years down the road, I vision myself to be able to work in the management sector and am leading a team of workers. I will be well experienced in handling all types of problems by then and continually contribute effectively to the company.

How do you evaluate success?

Proposed Response:
Success to me in work would be meeting the customers and my superior’s requirements and successfully completing the job.

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