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Interview Essay

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Interview with a Healthcare Leader
University of Phoenix
Interview with a HealthCare Leader
Leaders must have a vision for their organization that looks to the future of healthcare and not just deal with the present. Having a vision requires knowledge of the present and where their healthcare organization stands in terms of success. They must also know and be committed to the mission, goals and objectives of their organization. Interviewing a nursing leader in a long term health care facility provided this student with many new views of healthcare management and the challenges she’s presented with daily.
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Her personality and honesty are an influential factor in the loyalty she generates from her staff. This leadership style is the opposite of managers who require strict adherence to the hierarchical power structure within their units, (Haidar, 2006).
The next question asked was what her personal philosophy of leadership is. She discussed being committed to the healthcare organization’s mission and having goals and objectives that will help provide structure and guidance to her staff to accomplish these goals. Leaders should be collaborative in order to allow everyone to perform at his or her maximum and that collaboration must be real so that managers and employees are encouraged to share their ideas. That means leaders need to listen. When work teams are established, they need to allow each member to use his or her strengths so that any weaknesses are countered by another’s strength. She believes this is especially important when assigning nursing assistants to a unit. A strong, organized assistant will be able to work well with a new, disorganized nurse. This also works well with a very organized and knowing nurse and a new nursing assistant who needs structure and clinical experience to grow. Leaders need to lead by example; staff needs to see that the leader works harder than they do. They also need to see the leader working towards the goals and mission of the organization. Leading by example includes clear communication and acting with integrity. This allows the staff to develop trust in the leader and respect for what the leader does, (Kanungo, 2001).
Patti spoke of how her leadership skills have changed over the past 20 years. Starting out she felt she had to be strict and over controlling. New managers are unsure of themselves and tend to be more controlling. Furthermore, 20 years ago the style of leadership was different. An autocratic style of leadership was the style used in many hospitals and healthcare facilities. Since she encourages lifelong learning and she read about leadership, what works and what doesn’t. She began to try different methods, trying to modify her approach and make her leadership style more democratic. She has gone to leadership seminars on her own and participated in corporate leadership program. She said that she has found that the transformational model of leadership works best because it creates conditions in which nurses can continue to grow personally and professionally. A nursing leadership seminar she went to a couple of years ago was the most helpful. The seminar focused on leadership competencies. Patti made this student few copies of some of the articles from this seminar hosted by the Illinois Nurses’ Association. This literature discusses the nine leadership competencies that are universal. These are, having the mental ability that will allow a leader to handle complex situations and to think on different levels, have emotional intelligences or the ability to understand...

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