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Internet Technology And Web Browsers Essay

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Internet Technology and Web Browsers

American Military University

How internet technology and web browsers have affected our daily lives. Today the internet touches every corner of the globe, and often is the main way an everyday person obtains information and communicates at home, school, or place of business. We can see how internet technology affects the entire globe by just a few simple clicks of a mouse or a simple touch of a screen with in a web browser to see a webcam in the arctic to teaching school kids in India. None of this would be possible without the idea of them being able to create hardware to connect computers to share ...view middle of the document...

So much has this technology become part of our lives according to this website( there are more than two billion people who use the internet every day. These were just some examples of on a LAN/WAN/MAN slowly crept into our lives to become essential to everyday use.
Local area network consists of two or more computers connected together using network interface cards via a medium (cable or wireless) to pass information to one another. LAN is a type of network is limited geographical size ranging from an office space, classroom, house, or within the proximity of a building. Also this type of network is considered to have high connection speeds ranging from megabytes to gigabytes, because there is not as much loss of signal do to the range the signal will have to travel. How you can define a LAN it comes in many parts. Breaking down some of those parts we will look at what a topology is and how it affects a network. There are two types of topologies a physical topology and logical topology. A physical topology refers to how the computers are physically connected to make the shape of the network. Some examples of physical topologies consist of a bus(backbone topology with no extra hardware needed to connect the computers together), star (central connecting point such as a hub/switch/router to channel broadcast information in the right path), ring (connects computers in a ring directly to one another regenerating the message to pass on to the next computer if not intended for that computer), mesh (computers are directly connected to one another like the ring, but this type has more redundancy ensuring message gets passed on), and hybrid that combines different physical topologies together. These examples of physical topologies are all connected using a physical cabling such as unshielded twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber optic, and the one connection that doesn’t have a cable a wireless connection. All of these types are governed by the industry standard of Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE) which focus on the lower two layers of the OSI model (physical and data link). For each of these types of cables here the IEEE 802.3 or the IEEE 802.5 standard each can be associated with the type of network, and the amount of data the computers can pass to other computers on the network. All the different types of cable connections has a data speed range from 4 Mbps to 10 Gbps depending on the network configuration and cabling used. One more IEEE standard can be used to physically connect a LAN together, and it is the IEEE 802.11 wireless. Wireless network right now has the ability to transfer data at speeds of 11 Mbps to 300 Mbps depending on what generation of the IEEE 802.11 (b,g,n) variation is used. There is a future variant to that standard that is coming online this year IEEE 802.11 ac that is boasting a 1.3 Gbps data transfer...

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