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Internet Of Things (Iot) Essay

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The Internet of Things (IoT) landscapes a new era of computing and connectivity. It provides countless of applications and benefits that enhances organizations’ performance and individuals’ lifestyle. This paper discusses general knowledge about IoT technology, applications, and challenges.
IoT is one of the fastest growing technologies in computing. It is an environment where people, animals, or objects are presented with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network (Rouse, 2014). It has emerged from combining wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems, and the internet (Rouse, 2014). See Figure 1. These wireless technologies are ...view middle of the document...

The IoT enables a network of smart objects the BI-environment to ensure globally distributed data delivery to cloud applications (Mishra, Chang, & Lin, 2015). The bulk of IoT gathered data can be accessed for purposes of business analytics without any network or communication barriers (Mishra et al., 2015).
smart streetlights. Beside the main function of lighting streets, smart streetlights they are mounted with different types of sensors that can measure traffic, weather, pollution, and/or light level (Swedberg, 2015). They are connected with each other and send data to a main server through IoT technologies. The main potential benefit of smart streetlights is enabling cities to monitor and minimize power consumption (Swedberg, 2015).
The Future of IoT
Nowadays, there are 10 billion connected devices (Harrell, 2015). It is anticipated that number will grow exponentially to 50 billion devices by the 2020 (Harrell, 2015). See Figure 2. Another futuristic anticipation about IoT is that 90% of new vehicles sold in 2020 will have on-board connectivity platforms, as compared with 10% in 2012 (Swan, 2012).
Figure 2. The accelerated growth of Internet-connected devices (Swan, 2012)

Despite the potential benefits of IoT, there are many risks that it brings to users. The first one is individuals’ privacies. It violates privacy through unauthorized surveillance, uncontrolled data generation and use, inadequate authentication, and information security risks (Caron et al., 2016). The second risk comes from cyber criminals and nation states new and unforeseen ways to potentially gain access to privet information (Harrell, 2015; O’Connor, 2016). The third risk is that “IoT devices could be used as infection vectors to spread malware across organizations” (Harrell, 2015).

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